‘The Lion King’ Poised to Become Broadway’s First Musical to Bank $1 Billion

The 16-year-old show is on track to become the first Broadway blockbuster

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Actors of the musical "The Lion King" perform during the live broadcast of the German TV show "Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel" on in Dortmund, western Germany.

The theater version of Disney’s 1994 animated film is on pace to become the first Broadway musical to rake in $1 billion since it opened in 1997.

The Lion King grossed $5 billion worldwide, but will be the first of its kind to hit $1 billion on Broadway at the end of this week’s performances on Oct. 20, Entertainment Weekly reports. The Tony award-winning musical about a young African lion named Simba who must fight evil for his rightful position among the pride is also on track to become the fourth longest-running Broadway show in history, ousting Les Misérables. 

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