Madonna Banned After Texting Through ‘12 Years A Slave’

Alamo Drafthouse says singer no longer welcome after she finds BlackBerry more intriguing than movie premiere

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Remo Casilli / Reuters

Either 12 Years A Slave wasn’t captivating enough, or the antitexting warning wasn’t effective enough, but nothing seemed able to keep Madonna from using her BlackBerry through the New York Film Festival premiere of the much anticipated movie. When a fellow audience member asked the singer to stop texting, Madonna reportedly replied: “It’s for business…enslaver!”

Following up on their notoriously strict policies against antisocial film-goers, the cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse has now banned Madonna from all its premises. CEO Tim League told Entertainment Weekly that he initially meant his tweeted ban as an “offhand joke,” but said that the company intended to stick to its guns.