You Have To See This: Prince’s “Breakfast Can Wait”

Breakfast can wait, but watching this video can't

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“Hot cakes smothered in honey, I’m gonna have to pass,” sings Prince on his latest single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” The Purple Rain star has just released the new video for the track and, while there’s no time for coffee or grits, there is plenty of time for dancing, snapping and getting down, Prince-style, in the clip.

Back in August, Prince surprised and delighted fans when he shared the good-humored artwork for his single “Breakfast Can Wait”. The artwork featured comedian Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince holding a plate of pancakes in a riff on his infamous Prince sketch from Chappelle’s Show. However Chappelle doesn’t appear in the “Breakfast Can Wait” video and, unfortunately, neither does the Purple One himself.

Instead, the video’s director, 18-year old Danielle Curiel, who is Prince’s latest protegé and was reportedly given complete creative control over the video, dons a wig and faux stache, and does an impressive impression of Prince. Also present? A  Chipmunk, who chimes in on the track, and Step Up style choreographed routine.

The song is part of a slew of new music recorded by Prince with both his 21-piece supergroup, The New Power Generation, and rock band, 3RDEYEGIRL. The full song is available to purchase through A release date has yet to be confirmed for a full album, which is rumored to be named Plectrum Electrum,  but it is tentatively due out in Jan. 2014.

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