Jeffrey Katzenberg Wanted To Pay $75 Million For More Breaking Bad

Dreamworks CEO Tried To Commission 3 More Episodes

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Jeffrey Katzenberg’s not just in the entertainment business, he’s in the empire business. The CEO of Dreamworks Animation and Breaking Bad mega-fan offered to put up $75 million for just three more episodes of the hit AMC series, Variety reports.

Katzenberg tried to commission three 60-minutes episodes at $25 million a pop, he announced to other TV execs at Cannes. He planned to show the extra episodes as six-minute videos over 30 days online, and charge users 50-99 cents per viewing, according to Variety, and advertised the the endeavor as the “greatest pay-per-view television event for scripted programming anybody’s ever done.”

Since Breaking Bad cost $3.5 million per episode to make, Katzenberg’s offer meant that the creators would have made more money from three episodes for him than they did from five years of the entire series.