Kanye West Will Be a Guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live

But will the feuding stars really make nice and be Twitter friends again?

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Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Kanye West, shown here in New York City on Sept. 10, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel has laid down his arms and invited singer Kanye West to appear on his show Wednesday, providing a détente for the two feuding stars.

The feud began last month when Kimmel parodied a bizarre BBC Radio 1 interview West did with Zane Lowe. Kimmel played clips from the interview, mocking the rapper’s diatribe about rejection for cooking up the idea of leather jogging pants and touting himself as the “biggest” rockstar in the world.

“Does Kanye West know he’s not supposed to be his own hype man?” Kimmel quipped before showing his Kimmel Kid (re)Kreation spoof of the interview using children.

The rapper fired back over Twitter, calling Kimmel “out of line” and making fun of Kimmel’s face. Next Kimmel threatened to unfollow him and addressed the quarrel on his Sept. 26 show. The show host said Yeezy called his office earlier in the day demanding a public apology.

No word on whether that’s what will happen Wednesday.

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