Justin Bieber’s New Single Has Us Worried For His Heart — and Sinuses

Bieber has a private message for ex Selena Gomez that he released to millions of fans

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The world has briefly averted its gaze from a twerking pop star to a tearful one: Justin Bieber is sad, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Yesterday marked the release of Bieber’s new (and pleasantly musically mature) single called Heartbreaker, which the singer openly revealed was about “what I was, and still am going through” regarding his breakup with Selena Gomez.

Bieber hearbreaker tweet

“I know it hasn’t been easy for us to talk with everyone being around,” Beiber sings, “but this is personal, this is for me and you.” (Ah, the personal intimacy that exists between man, woman, and the thousands of people who have downloaded the iTunes chart topping song.)

If fans are to take Bieber’s lyrics literally, this is what we have learned about his journey:

(1) Selena is screening his calls,

(2) his heart’s breaking,

(3) “despite all the imperfections” he still wants to be her man,

(4) he has found a “secret place” where they can talk — “nobody else [save millions of listeners] gotta know, and

(5) the Biebs has a strong chance of getting a cold since he’s been doing a lot of “standing in the rain” and “calling your name.

You can listen to the song, and read the lyrics, here.

But is there hope?

If we are to take USA Today’s own lyrics analysis seriously, then “Gomez, according to her duet with Prince Royce called Already Missing You, isn’t quite over Bieber, either.”

Maybe these crazy kids need to start texting or Snapchatting — that would move the dialogue along faster than waiting to record new singles to continue the game of song lyric phone tag.