Freaky Prank Sends Coffee Shop Patrons Scrambling (and Screaming)

An elaborate bit of marketing for the upcoming 'Carrie' remake manages to terrify New Yorkers

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Okay, that’s just freaky — even knowing it was an elaborate prank.

As a way to promote the remake of the horror-film classic Carrie, the marketing firm Thinkmodo rigged the Manhattan coffee shop ‘Snice to give a young woman with telekinetic  powers (and a short fuse) the “power” to hurl men against walls and generally make a mess of the place.

And if that seems somewhat telekinetically spine tingling, just wait until the end of the clip when the actress starts screaming her head off and the rigged books on the shelves and pictures on the wall start flying off the shelves. That’s when the patrons really start flying out of the shop, some screaming themselves.

Whether the one woman sounding like a scared cat while trying to video the entire thing to a burly construction worker unsure of how to intercede into the situation, people get plain freaked out by the prank from start to finish. Be honest, wouldn’t you?

Carries opens in theaters Oct. 18.