Connie Britton Reveals High School Drama Photos

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ABC’s Nashville star Connie Britton reunited with former FX’s American Horror Story co-star Zachary Quinto on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday, fulfilling the show host’s “dream guest list.” Britton even revealed images from her high school playbill for Hello Dolly!

The 46-year-old actress is known for her beloved television roles as Tami Taylor, wife to Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights (FNL) and more recently as country rock icon Rayna James on ABC’s Nashville. She also starred in the first season of FX’s American Horror Story with Quinto, who recently made his Broadway debut in the Glass Menagerie. 

Cohen spent most of the show gushing over Britton’s role on FNL, performing a scene from the show that focused on Texas high school football team the Dillon Panthers and even honoring the actress’s luscious locks with a hair montage slideshow. Britton admitted that her secret was how seldom she washed her hair — sometimes once a week.

When asked about whether the former co-stars would return to American Horror Story, Quinto and Britton were tight-lipped about the FX show before it heads into season three. For now, fans can catch Britton as the country rockstar Rayna James in the second season of Nashville on Wednesdays.