Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy Films 70 Ads for Dodge Durango

Hawking a new ride ahead of sequel

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In his hit 2004 movie Anchorman, the bombastic newsman Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell,  drove a gold, early-70s Pontiac Catalina (kudos to the reader who can tell us the actual model year). But ahead of his return in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, San Diego’s favorite newscaster is hawking a different kind of ride.

Late last week, Ferrell appeared in character as Burgundy in four Dodge Durango ads that have since gone viral online. In the videos, Burgundy points out some of the SUV’s lesser-known features (the 0.1 cubic feet of storage in the glove box that comes standard):

He compares the Durango’s 360 horsepower to that of a single horse:

He botches reading the gas mileage (he will, after all, read anything on the teleprompter):

And he chases away some pesky ballroom dancers who sully his set with “empty Ramen cups and soiled legwarmers.”

If those antics have leave you wanting more, fear not: Chrysler reportedly shot 70 Durango ads, surely enough to see us through until Anchorman 2’s release, just before Christmas.