Sinead Makes Legal Threats After Miley’s Latest Tweets

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Donna Svennevik / ABC / Getty Images

Miley Cyrus performs live on "Good Morning America," June 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus has responded to Sinead O’Connor’s open letter, in which the shorn-headed Irish muso warned Cyrus of letting the music industry “prostitute her:”

Ouch. But it was later followed by a more conciliatory:

Things escalated when Cyrus began making light of O’Connor’s 2011 mental breakdown:

O’Connor angrily responded with an open letter to the pop star on her Facebook page, threatening to sue:

Have you no sense of danger at all? or responsibility? Remove your tweets immediately or you will hear from my lawyers. I am certain you will be hearing from all manner of mental health advocacy groups also. It is not acceptable to mock any person for having suffered.