Usher—and Grover—Add Style to Sesame Street ABCs

Grover gets down

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While some folks may want to give Usher all the credit for remaking the ABCs song with a bit of style, we’d like to propose that maybe—just maybe—Grover had a little more to do with the newfound hip-hopness of the beat.

Take a look at the clip of the musical star dancing and singing with Sesame Street regulars Murray Monster, Abby Cadabby, Elmo and Grover — you can see how the blue-furred one wiggles with the best of them and puts on some crazy dance moves.

Murray Monster’s crazy red fun dazzles in the dancing, but we still think Grover knows this song better than anyone. Of course, he’s had plenty of years experience learning his ABCs. And he’s always had mad Muppet style.