Un-Bielievable! Bodyguards Carry Justin Bieber Up The Great Wall

Singer takes time out from his Believe tour to check out China's sights — on the shoulders of minions

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Notoriously bratty pop sensation Justin Bieber has been spotted in China balancing on the shoulders of his burly bouncers. Photos posted on Instagram show two bodyguards carrying the 19-year-old singer up the steps of the Great Wall (because why would a teen star walk?). MTV was quick to jump on the news, proposing a range of other sights to which the young Canadian could be borne.

Perhaps Bieber and his entourage could learn from the last emperor of China, Pu Yi, whose favorite mode of transport was a sedan chair carried by 16 servants and accompanied by a procession of eunuchs. And that was just for a walk around the Imperial Palace.