Watch: Ed Piskor Talk About His Upcoming History of Hip-Hop Comic Book

'Hip Hop Family Tree' sheds light on some little-known stories behind this vital musical genre

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From a very young age, comic-book artist Ed Piskor‘s life has been steeped in the culture of hip hop—a passion unquenched by his inability to dance, rap or DJ.

Two years ago, while browsing through a collection of vintage rap albums, he was struck by the similarities between hip hop and comic books. “They’re not so different,” he says, “they’re both birthed in New York City and both are cultural bastard-children.” And he realized there might be away to combine his two loves: applying his skills as an artist to create a better understanding of his decades-long obsession.


Thus, The Hip Hop Family Tree was born, Piskor’s first volume in what he hope will be a cultural-history hybrid series that tells some largely unknown or forgotten stories leading up to the explosive growth of this musical genre.

In this short documentary, Piskor talks about various influences that helped shape Hip Hop Family Tree (which goes on sale Nov. 2).