Quidditch Could Play a Big Part in Future Potterverse Movies

The wizarding game is among the many J.K. Rowling creations that a studio is trademarking

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The world of Harry Potter could live for eons to come. First, we had Warner Bros. announcing they weren’t done cashing in on the mega-hit and landed original author J.K. Rowling to help turn her 2001 spin-off book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them—a textbook at Hogwarts, no less—into a feature film. But now we have a few clues of what could come next.

As Bleeding Cool recognized, Warner Bros. went Hogwarts-wild in grabbing every trademark imaginable for Fantastic Beasts. That much is standard. But what they also saw was that Warner Bros. trademarked a few clues as to what may be coming down the pike, including Tales of Beetle the Bard (from Deathly Hollows, no less), Quidditch Through the Ages and plenty of other terms that have all sorts of Quidditch references.

Does this mean we’ll see a full-on Quidditch movie—or one based off the Tales of Beetle the Bard storybook? Maybe not. But it could signify that if the Fantastic Beasts idea—the movie will depict Rowling’s magical world well before the dawn of Harry—proves a box-office success even without the regular stable of Harry Potter characters, then there’s plenty of room for Warner Bros. to continue the franchise tie-ins. Eons, we tell you.