Latest Fallon + Timberlake Video = #hilarity

Late-night fun with #twoveryfunnyguys

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What you already know: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (#trueplayersforlife) make hilariously #classicvideos. What you may not have yet realized: The spoof on hashtags takes them into an entirely new realm worth all 120 seconds of your time. #thatshowwedo

As the two mega-stars share a bowl of #cookies and discuss pop culture, even if #im38, they give social media hashtags real life, physically signing the symbol formerly known as the pound sign for each hashtag they toss at us. #wecantstop #wewontstop

The opening bit about the cookies is enough to make you want to forward the clip to a few dozen of your least favorite follows in Instagram to help them make better #lifedecisions, but keep watching. It gets better. #nomnomnomnomnom

The overuse of Fallon and Timberlake hashtagging goes into full teenybopper mode by the end, giving us just one more reason to dislike all things hashtagged. #ijustwatchediceageondemandtheotherday

Sure, we laugh, at #putmythingdownflipitnreverseit and #isitworthitletmeworkit, but remember there’s only one reason they do these videos. #ididitallforthecookie