Here’s The Kate Moss Single You Never Wanted To Hear

In which the supermodel talks about knee high boots.

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Heroin-chic supermodel Kate Moss released her very first single. Just what the music world was literally never asking for.

Moss worked with Canadian DJ Brendan Fallis to create the song, called “Day and All Night.”

Interestingly enough, Moss never actually sings in the single and the lyrics aren’t so much lyrics as they are audio-clips of her talking in a recent Stuart Weitzman campaign film. Key lines  include: “I think thigh-high boots are especially sexy and glamorous, especially if you do wear them with a short skirt. It’s a good look.”

Moss once sang with the Babyshambles, although she is barred from singing with her husband’s band The Kills.

The band’s front woman, Alison Mosshart, said “The Kills have never had anyone else sing on any of their tracks — ever — so I don’t see any reason why that would happen.”