11 Things We Learned From Madonna’s Reddit AMA

The Material Girl dreams about Brad Pitt — and, yes, she will be your boo

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Madonna at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

The Reddit AMA (or, “Ask Me Anything”) has become a popular stop on the PR tour for public figures looking to promote something. With an unspecified secret project set to be released next week, it was only slightly surprising that Madonna  chose to stop by the site for an informal Q&A with the Reddit community.

While the sessions are usually billed as “Ask Me Anything,” the woman who starred in Truth or Dare opted for the less forthcoming version, a so-called “Ask Me Almost Anything.” Despite the restriction, the session with the Queen of Pop was quite freewheeling and offered some clues to her life, her passions and her forthcoming project.

Here are 10 things we learned from Madonna’s Reddit AMA:

1.  She wants to work with Daft Punk: “Just waiting for them to return my call”

2.  Her next project will be: “secretprojectrevolution artforfreedom. coming soon.”

3.  What advice she would give women:  “Dont give to a man what he doesn’t give you first”

4.  What issue drives her: “Censoring of artists, around the world. Censorship – for instance Pussy Riot.”

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5.  She greatly admires painter Frida Kahlo:  “She was the subject of her art all of her work is a self portrait and yet she shared universal stories and feelings by sharing her personal story also she was a freedom fighter and she lived a controversial life and was a survivor so i admire her life story and art the way she lived her life as well as her art.”

6.  Her favorite mode of procrastination:  “Plucking my eyebrows”

7.  Sometimes even the Material Girl makes mistakes: “I went on stage and said hello to the wrong city. Sleep deprivation.”

8.  She dreams about Brad Pitt:  “Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream.”

9.  What advice she would give her younger self: “Don’t take any of this personally”

10. She eats dessert: “A lemon tart or the rose lycee macaroon cake from La Duree”

11.  Yes, she will be your boo: “Yes I’ll be your boo”

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