Top Five Stars of Celebrity Fiction Fandom

Thousands of young writers are creating elaborate fictional plotlines that recast the lives of their favorite stars—especially these five

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Thousands of young writers are creating elaborate fictional plotlines using everything from tabloids to Twitter to fuel stories that recast the lives of their favorite movie and music stars as serialized novellas online. The genre has millions of readers who check in regularly for their next celebrity fiction fix. Here are excerpts of the five most popular ‘real person fiction’ (RPF) subjects on the fan fiction site, which boasts 16 million monthly users, and and three of the weirdest subjects from Wattpad and around the web.

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Top Five Most Popular RPF Celebrities 

1. One Direction, Boy band

Stories to date:  382,900

Sample story:  “Babysitting One Direction”

Babysitter Anna Lee is whisked to a London mansion under the guise of watching five boys, who are actually the young adult pop sensation, One Direction. And yet, they act like kids, poking and shouting and demanding trips to the mall.

Excerpt: “How are you supposed to babysit five grown guys? I mean seriously. I felt a poke on my face.”

 2. Selena Gomez, Singer, Actress

Stories to date:  25,900

Sample Story: “I Was Once A Normal Girl”

The singer and actress struggles with her popularity in high school, hiding from her admirers in the girls’ bathroom and debating whether or not to perform in the talent show.

Excerpt: “SELENA! We’re from the School Newsletter and we have some questions. How’s being popular? Are you going to the talent show this year?”

3. Ariana Grande, Singer, Actress

Stories to date:  18,800

Sample Story: Going Missing

The Boca Raton-bred Nickelodeon and Broadway star is kidnapped after an interview by two band members from One Direction.

Excerpt: “I awoke to one deep and one high voice bickering. What are they going to do to who? Wait a second . . .Their voices are british! That seems kind of odd.”

4. Logan Lerman, Actor

Stories to Date: 18,400

Sample Story: Of Painted Water

Nikki Bailey is irked that she has to spend her family vacation at the lake with her brother’s best friend, Logan Lerman. Until they fall in love in a “a tale they can tell their grandkids one day.”

Excerpt: “The bane of my existence. He thinks he’s all high and mighty because he starred in a few movies. Logan has made it his job to scare away every living creature even remotely resembling a boy that got close to me.”

5. Nina Dobrev

Stories to date: 17,500

Sample Story: Nina Dobrev’s twin sister, wait what?”

Victoria goes in search of her celebrity twin, the star of Vampire Diaries who she learns is actually a vampire. She gets a small bite, and makes the news.

Excerpt: “I threw my fist back, punching him square in the nose. Blood poured out. He growled at me. Fangs popped out of Cole’s mouth.”

Top Three Most Surprising RPF Subjects  

1. Anthony Bourdain, Celebrity Chef,  “No Reservations, Narnia

Extreme dining seeker and chef Anthony Bourdain films an episode of his longtime, now-canceled Travel Channel show in C.S. Lewis’s fictional realm of mythical speaking beasts and children. The work opens with Bourdain avoiding a boom mic in the head as he attempts outdrinking a rodent.

2. Jenna Marbles, YouTube Star, “Stuck in The Hunger Games

Sassy teen Youtube therapist Jenna Marbles packs her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack and heads to The Reaping, or the selection process, where she is chosen to compete in the violent, televised Hunger Games.

3. Simon Cowell Has an Adopted Daughter?

In “Simon Cowell’s Adopted Daughter,” young Audrey escapes her captors, is found in a desert and then is adopted by Cowell at a London orphanage. Oh, and she also fights supernatural beings.