Today’s Movie Trailer: ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Doc Dear Mr. Watterson

There's nothing like a little Calvin to fire up some nostalgia

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This trailer has actually been kicking around for a few months already, but now you can watch it without fear that you’re just getting your Calvin and Hobbes-loving hopes up. As Deadline reported earlier this week, Dear Mr. Watterson—a documentary about the impact of Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson—was picked up for distribution. First-time director Joel Allen Schroeder had financed the project on Kickstarter and had previously shown it at film festivals, but now moviegoers can count on an opportunity to see it.

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For fans who grew up on Calvin and Hobbes, which ran for about a decade before Watterson decided to end the series in 1995, little can compare to the nostalgic value of that particular comic strip. And it’s not just nostalgia: the artistic value and the message of Calvin has endured, as is discussed by the fans who make appearances in the film. Watterson himself is camera-shy, but those who love his work are far from it.

Dear Mr. Watterson opens in theaters and on VOD Nov. 15, 2013, after a run of festival appearances.