WATCH: HBO’s Trailer for Upcoming Larry David Movie Clear History

Spoiler alert: Larry is David is extremely Larry David in it

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His face may be buried beneath a mountain of frizzy hair and a voluminous beard, but as soon he opens his mouth, you know it’s Larry David. That’s right, HBO just released its first full trailer for its upcoming movie, Clear History, starring everyone’s favorite curmudgeonly Seinfeld creator. And based on this minute-and-a-half preview, the film looks like it’ll be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

David plays an employee at an electric car company who quits over an argument (of course) with his boss, played by Jon Hamm. David’s character then moves to a remote town, and 10 years later, his former boss moves there too. But, twist! By then, David’s character has changed his identity by ditching his beard and unruly locks — which, according to his friend (played by Danny McBride), made him look like “the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.” So his former boss — who is now insanely wealthy — doesn’t recognize him, and all sorts of revenge plots and general hijinks ensue.

Joining David, Hamm and McBride are Kate Hudson, Bill Hader, Amy Ryan, JB Smoove, and plenty of other hilarious individuals. So in other words: Clear History, which premieres August 10, is probably going to be ridiculous, but hopefully in the best way possible.

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