WATCH: Wilco Covers Daft Punk, the Beatles, Pavement and More

The alt-rockers offered up a diverse set of 27 songs, all requested by fans

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Here’s something you probably never thought you’d read: Wilco covered Daft Punk. And now you get to listen to it. The moody alt-rockers played an all-request set this weekend in Massachusetts at the annual Solid Sound Festival, which they founded three years ago. The band offered fans the chance to requests covers of just about anything, resulting in a rather diverse 27-song set list.

The buzziest offering was definitely “Get Lucky,” the upbeat, disco-infused Daft Punk and Pharrell track that’s already well on its way to being the song of the summer. Of course, this cover can’t beat the original, but it’s still interesting to hear. And that beat! It’s pretty hard not to tap your feet along with it, regardless of who’s singing. Watch Wilco’s take on the infectious track:


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Another highlight was the cover of the Beatles’ “And Your Bird Can Sing,” with frontman Jeff Tweedy sounding like he could have been a long-lost member of the Fab Four:


Wilco also tackled Pavement’s 1994 indie anthem “Cut Your Hair.”  In terms of genre, this one was less of a departure and, stylistically, it made sense that Wilco would cover it. But it’s still exciting and worth a listen:


Another particularly beautiful cover was the band’s take on the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple”:


The folks over at Gothamist have the full set list — which includes tributes to everyone from Yo La Tengo to Neil Young — along with some additional videos. You can also download the entire show here.

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