Today’s Movie Trailer: Reclusive-Author Documentary Salinger

A documentary takes a look at the mind of the 'Catcher in the Rye' creator

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Even the most casual fans of J.D. Salinger and his works—The Catcher in the Rye foremost among them—might be familiar with the author’s legendary reclusiveness. The author, who died in 2010, had not spoken to the press or the public for close to half a century.

Now, a forthcoming documentary from writer-directer Shane Salerno attempts to take a look at what was behind the author’s choices. The big-name interviews in the film include Philip Seymour Hoffman, Martin Sheen, Tom Wolfe and Gore Vidal, plus lesser-know individuals who had personal contact with Salinger. But it’s unclear from the trailer whether the film will reveal any information about the famously difficult subject that true fans don’t already know. On the other hand, for true fans, that may not matter.

Salinger is due in theaters Sept. 6, 2013.

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