Twilight Zone Creator’s Last Work Finally in Development—With J.J. Abrams

Who better to develop a series based on an unproduced script by Rod Serling?

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CBS via Getty Images

Twilight Zone episode 'Eye of the Beholder', written by Rod Serling, end title credit. Originally broadcast on Nov. 11, 1960.

Since his most famous television brand premiered in 1959, Rod Serling’s name has been synonymous with The Twilight Zone—in the same way that, for today’s viewers, “J.J. Abrams” means “twisty, high-quality, sci-fi.” Now, the two noteworthy creators will share their names on a project.

No, Abrams is not adding a Twilight Zone movie to his already-full slate (and complete a retro-trifecta with Star Trek and Star Wars)Instead, his production company Bad Robot has taken on the task of adapting The Stops Along the Way, the last screenplay Serling wrote before his death in 1975.

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As The Hollywood Reporter tells it, little is known about the project except that it would be a miniseries that, if it comes to fruition, would air during the 2013-2014 television season, bringing the number of Abrams projects for that year to a whopping five—almost worthy of having his own network. Serling’s widow told Variety that the story, envisioned as a miniseries from the beginning, was one of his favorite projects and that she had been discussing it with Abrams for years.

The only potential problem at this point: pretty soon there will be no classic sci-fi franchises left for Abrams to take under his wing.

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