10 Questions for Joss Whedon

Cult-TV-show creator turned big-shot movie director Joss Whedon on athiesm, strong women and the hottest vampire on record

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For this week’s issue of TIME, Belinda Luscombe sat down with television auteur and filmmaker Joss Whedon to ask him a few questions, and TIME’s cameras were there.

Whedon answered questions about why he’s drawn to strong female characters, what it was like to grow up in a creative household and why superheroes are so successful at the box office these days. Plus, he explains why a man famous for his super-creative writing would make a Shakespeare movie, considering his take on Much Ado About Nothing—which he says is “THE rom-com”—arrives in theaters on June 7.

Also: Whedon reveals which vampire he thinks is the hottest in undead history.

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