Live at TIME: Exclusive Acoustic Performance from Eleanor Friedberger

The singer-songwriter known from The Fiery Furnaces plays a new song at the TIME offices

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Singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger—perhaps best known as one half of the brother-sister duo The Fiery Furnaces—stopped by the TIME offices to perform a track off her upcoming solo album, Personal Record (June 4). She says that the song, “My Own World,” is one of her favorites off the record. “To me, it really sums up how someone like me, and a lot of people who work in a creative field, spend a lot of time in isolation and are sometimes interrupted,” she explains. The “girl” in the lyrics, the one interrupting, could be an actual person, or something like money or the weather—anything that gets in the way of inspiration.

Personal Record is her second solo outing but, despite her thoughts on interruption, Friedberger says that doing things on her own has not translated into extended isolation. A sibling band can be very insular, but Personal Record is chock-full of fun collaborations—like three with Robbie Lee, seen here, on flute. (That interesting woodwind sound? Lee, who has a large collection of flutes, appears here playing a replica of an 1825 instrument.)

And though the album title is an obvious pun (it’s literally a record and it’s personal), the normal meaning of the phrase, as it applies to sports, speaks to Friedberger. That’s her swimming on the album cover—though tennis is her favorite sport—and she says the idea of comparing a work-out to working out a problem is appealing. “I like the message of equating a physical challenge to an emotional challenge,” she says. “They can be equally difficult.”

As for The Fiery Furnaces, now on hiatus, Friedberger says they have no plans to make another album at the moment—but that’s just for now. “That’s the beauty of being in a band with your sibling,” she says. “The band will be together till death.”

Friedberger will be taking Personal Record on tour, starting in Buffalo, N.Y., on June 4.