Today’s Movie Trailers: We’re the Millers and Don Jon Show Some Skin

New trailers for the forthcoming road-trip comedy and the rom-com that made a splash at Sundance

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Ever imagine Jennifer Aniston playing a stripper? Or Jason Sudeikis and Ed Helms as drug dealers? Then this new trailer for the upcoming comedy We’re the Millers is for you: Sudeikis plays a pot merchant contracted by Helms to smuggle a shipment from Mexico; Aniston plays his neighbor, a stripper, whom he asks to pretend to be his wife while they pose as a family on vacation. Emma Roberts and relative newcomer Will Poulter play the teens they recruit to play their kids.

We’re the Millers will be in theaters Aug. 9.

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Another newly released trailer that keeps it racy is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature directing/writing debut, Don Jon (previously titled Don Jon’s Addiction). The movie, which sold at Sundance, stars Gordon-Levitt as a guy content to live a life focused on working out, going to church, having dinner with his family, keeping his apartment and car clean, picking up babes and watching porn—until he meets girl-with-a-secret Scarlett Johansson. Julianne Moore and Tony Danza also star.

Don Jon is out Oct. 18.