Watch: TIME on the Scene at Arrested Development’s Bluth’s Banana Stand

Hard-hitting frozen-banana reporting from the 'Arrested Development' fans here at TIME

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Fans of Arrested Development know that the Bluth family can always turn to their trusty frozen-banana business — Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana — when times get tough. Now, as promotion ramps up for the upcoming return of the acclaimed comedy, those same fans can also turn to the banana stand. Literally.

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Starting with a London appearance earlier this month, Netflix is bringing the Banana Stand to cities around the world to hand out free chocolate-covered frozen bananas. And today, when the TIME staff got word that the Banana Stand was right across the street from our midtown Manhattan offices, we ventured out to do some hard-hitting reporting — and taste testing — from the scene.

The banana stand will make another New York appearance (with new cast member Terry Crews) tomorrow, May 14, at Manhattan’s Columbus Circle from noon until 7 p.m.