Dancing with the Stars Watch: Will.i.Am and Olly Murs Perform

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It was Stevie Wonder week on Dancing with the Stars — and the R & B legend’s songs were a brilliant backdrop to a few incredible dance routines. But others had their fates, ahem, signed, sealed and delivered by faulty footwork and lackluster performances. At the end of the evening, the usual suspects (Zendaya Coleman, Kellie Pickler and Alexandra Raisman) were on top of the leaderboard, while bottom-dwelling regulars Victor Ortiz and Andy Dick were joined by Bachelor Sean Lowe.

Here’s what happened on last night’s Dancing with the Stars:

Opening Act: British singer-songwriter Olly Murs opened the show with his song, “Troublemaker.” Murs is making a big push in America (last week, he was on The View) but you can’t help but imagine a Mean Girl popping up and saying, “Stop trying to make Olly Murs happen.”

Least Surprising Saves: When you get the “ten from Len” and Len declares your dance “the best dance of the season,” you’re definitely coming back next week. Such is the case with American Idol alum Kellie Pickler. Also ushered through to next week, with little ado, were Disney star Zendaya Coleman and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman.

Guilty Pleasure: As the show cut to commercial, DWTS’ in-house band struck up a rousing rendition of One Direction‘s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” Guys, that song is only meant to be played in secret — and we all saw you.

Best Hope For The Future: Stevie Wonder himself announced that, after visiting the set, he is inspired to join the cast of DWTS: “I look forward to coming back and being one of the dancers. We’ve been talking about it for a long time and I’m going to make it a reality.”

Worst Tom Bergeron-ism: A few moments after Stevie promised to be a contestant, Tom Bergeron announced that he go t a call telling him that Stevie is going on ABC’s celebrity diving show, “Splash,” instead. Don’t dampen our excitement, Tom. We want Stevie!

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Repeat Performance: This week, the audience got to vote for which performance they wanted to see again. Apparently, America loves losers, as we were treated to a repeat of Team Paso’s losing performance, as lead by Zendaya with Jacoby Jones, Ingo Rademacher and Victor Ortiz.

No Rose For You: General Hospital star Ingo’s birthday wish was granted, and he will be sticking around to dance another week. Unfortunately, it was not Bachelor Sean Lowe’s birthday – and his performance was terrible. Meaning: he is in jeopardy this week.

Best Ghost in the Machine: To kick off Will.i.am’s song “#thatPower” (yes, it has a hashtag), Justin Bieber’s disembodied head (or, as Tom Bergeron called it, “Obi Wan Bieber”) appeared in the video monitors on stage singing the song’s hook.

The Subtle TKO: Tom sidled up to Victor Ortiz and chatted him up before quietly telling him, “You’re in jeopardy.” Guess he wanted to avoid the champ’s left hook.

DWTS The Next Generation: Ingo’s son Peanut is as adorable as what I hope is his real nickname. In a behind-the-scenes clip, we see Peanut fist-bumping, high-fiving, and cheering on the stars. Cut to: Peanut, in his dad’s arms in the parking lot, shouting out to someone, “I’ll see you at the after-party!” Please launch Dancing with the Stars Jr. — and cast him immediately.

Macy’s Stars of Dance: This week’s sequence emphasized “precision choreography,” with dancers in mint-green pants marched in tight formations to “We Came to Smash” The choreography was clever, and hopefully will.i.am caught their audition tape.

Go Directly To School, Do Not Pass Go: To celebrate the forthcoming Latin Week, the pros put together what seemed to be a “Clan of the Cave Bear” tribute, complete with Peta and Sharna in a sexy cave-woman outfit and a misplaced Samoan fire dancer.

Most “Awwww”-some Moment: Andy, Sean and Victor are all in jeopardy, but Andy is quickly announced safe — which seems to really shock, surprise and gladden the other contestants, who all rush around him and seem to be truly happy that he’s safe.

Who Went Home: Sean and Victor were left to duke it out.  Victor was TKO’d by the voters who were unimpressed with his inability to, you know, dance. But did he take a dive? Maybe. Ortiz told ESPN that he was ready to go back to his day job. Perhaps constantly placing in the bottom of the rankings took its toll on the champ. He said, “It’s a lot more work than I expected. I just don’t want to put in the work. I will, when it comes to boxing. But when I mess up while dancing, it gets overwhelming.”

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