Undead Alert: A New World War Z Trailer – and a Zombieland Series from Amazon

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A new trailer and one-sheet for the zombie-apocalypse horror film World War Z were unveiled this weekend — and both feature swarming hordes of the rather spry and animated undead. As fans of the incredible Max Brooks faux-oral-history on which this Brad Pitt-produced project is based, we’re a tiny bit concerned about the frantic action-beat-driven pace of the clip, but we remain hopeful. But we’ll never get quite used to the idea of sprinting zombies — these brainless critters look like they could run down Usain Bolt.

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In other undead news: Amazon announced that it will be producing a pilot based on Zombieland, the nimble 2009 horror-comedy that starred Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. The pilot will join a dozen others (six comedies and six kids’ shows) that can be viewed by anyone with an Amazon Prime account — customer feedback will help determine which programs will get full-series commitments.

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