Watch: Broad City, the Web Series Amy Poehler is Helping Turn Into a TV Show

Comedy Central has put in an order for new episodes—but you can already watch the first installment

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After more than a year of talks—starting with the late 2011 news that FX was interested—the web series Broad City, from comedians Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, is making the move to television. Comedy Central announced yesterday that the web show would become a weekly half-hour scripted TV series, starting with 10 episode to premiere next year. The broadcast version, like the acclaimed web-based original, will star Jacobson and Glazer as young women dealing with everyday life in New York City. And it comes with a bonus: Amy Poehler as producer. In the network’s statement, Poehler certainly sounded excited:

“I’m excited to work with Comedy Central and introduce Abbi and Ilana to America,” said Poehler. “And all the other countries. And also Mars. We’ve got big plans.”

Jacobson and Glazer are, like Poehler, alums of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Glazer may also be recognizable to Internet-comedy fans for the 2012 viral hit she and her brother she and her brother Eliot Glazer created, “S*** New Yorkers Say.”

Although the show won’t debut until 2014, interested fans can check out the very first web episode of Broad City from February 2010, above, and catch the whole thing on their website or YouTube.

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