From Sir, With Love: 29 Photos of Michael Caine Looking at You

Many pictures of Michael Caine. Looking at you. Because it's his 80th birthday. And, well, he's Michael Caine.

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Here’s looking at you, Sir Michael Caine. Well, no, actually, here’s you looking at us.

The Oscar-winning actor — who’s played a diverse range of characters, from Batman‘s Alfred to Alfie‘s Alfie — turns 80 today.

And throughout his long and storied career, we’ve noticed that he’s always managed to find time in his busy schedule to give us, his many fans, a good once-over. So to mark this happy day, we’ve assembled this gallery of the best Michael-Caine-looking-at-you images.

Doesn’t it feel nice? (Bonus: Play the video of Madness’ 1984 classic for a nice Michael-Caine-looking-at-you soundtrack.)

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