Digital Shorts Return to Saturday Night Live With “YOLO”

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Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg, who announced his departure from the show just last season, made a sudden return this week. He brought with him Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, otherwise known as his fellow members of comedy troupe The Lonely Island — the crew behind SNL‘s wildly popular Digital Shorts.

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The trio reunited to debut “YOLO,” the first (and totally unexpected) Digital Short of the season. The video featured the night’s host, Adam Levine, and musical guest, Kendrick Lamar, along with comedian/actor Danny McBride (Pineapple Express, Eastbound and Down.) The premise of this video is simple: it takes the now pretty played-out motto YOLO (meaning “You only live once,” popularize by the Drake song “The Motto”) and redefines it entirely. You only live once, this spoof tells us, so be careful out there and try not to ruin everything or die.

The new take on YOLO transforms the acronym from its original “You only live once” and instead makes it stand for “You oughta look out.” Whereas the first YOLO — which essentially became the battle cry of a generation last year — encourages us to get out there and seize the day, this new YOLO encourages us to stay inside and hide. And this cautionary tale offers us plenty of advice on how to stay safe, like “Always wear a chastity belt and triple lock it.”

We suspect the original proponents of the YOLO catchphrase would not approve. Which is precisely what makes the thing kind of hilarious.

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