WATCH: Tina Fey Gives a Tour of Liz Lemon’s Office

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the 30 Rock set in its final season

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Ever find yourself watching 30 Rock thinking, “I want to go to there”? Well now you can — or at least, you can go to Liz Lemon’s office, thanks to this behind-the-scenes glimpse from Tina Fey herself. That’s right, you’re getting a tour of Liz Lemon’s workspace from Liz Lemon, and you didn’t even have to dance for it.

While the office has mostly served as a backdrop like any other set, Fey explains that it does contain some knickknacks with personal significance. The decor, for example, includes pictures of Fey’s daughter — along with a framed cover of Bust magazine featuring none other than Fey’s real-life bestie, Amy Poehler. Fey even shows us what’s inside Liz’s desk drawers: old scripts, official Liz Lemon stationary, opera glasses and some of the character’s favorite food: Sabor de Soledad.

Along with revealing details about specific props, Fey — 30 Rock’s creator/producer/leading lady/mastermind — reminisces about memorable moments in the show’s history. Alas, after seven seasons of sending us into wild bouts of lizzing, the 30 Rock crew will officially shut it down. The hit NBC show will come to a close with an hour-long finale on Jan. 31.

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