Today’s Movie Trailer: Get a Glimpse of Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3

New director Shane Black's take on Iron Man—in theaters May 3, 2013—features a moody Robert Downey Jr. and an evil Ben Kingsley

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You know a superhero movie is going in a new direction when its trailer starts with haunting string music rather than thumping rock or techno—even more so when, after the rhythm section comes in, it’s more Carmina Burana than Black Sabbath. In the new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 3, due in U.S. theaters May 3, there’s less of the wisecracking Robert Downey Jr. who made the character so fun in the first place. On the other hand, Downey’s Iron Man, over the course of two Iron Man films and The Avengers, has earned the right to some superhero street cred and enough gravitas to pull off what looks like a character-driven plot line and post-Avengers PTSD.

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On the third hand, if the Mandarin (played by Ben Kingsley) is right, then superhero cred isn’t worth very much. The superhero getting sad and then battling a villain who looks/dresses a bit like himself isn’t exactly a new idea for the third movie in a series (see: Spider-Man 3) but this is no Tobey-Maguire-dancing-down-the-street trailer. Skip to about 1:15 for proof—or if you just want to see things blow up.

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