Today’s Movie Trailer: Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock

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How better to keep Halloween celebrations going than with a scary movie—or, at least, a movie about a scary movie. The upcoming Hitchcock, debuting at the AFI Fest on Nov. 1 and due in theaters Nov. 23, goes behind the scenes for the making of Psycho. And if you didn’t already know that it was no ordinary movie shoot, the trailer illustrates why: Hitchcock’s struggles to get funding for a story seen as a bad bet; his relationship with his wife, Alma Reville (played by Helen Mirren); the surprising decision to kill off Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson) early in the movie. Perhaps the most immediately gripping revelation, however, is Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the famous director—chin, paunch, voice and all. Johansson’s take on the famous “shower scene” also nicely captures Leigh’s signature thrashing about.

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And what about behind the scenes on the behind the scenes? Hitchcock is one of two takes on the director’s oeuvre that bows this season. HBO has The Girl, about Hitchcock’s pursuit of actress Tippi Hedren—starring Toby Jones as the filmmaker and Sienna Miller as Hedren—set to air Oct. 20.

Check out the trailers for both and see who you think nails (stabs?) Hitchcock best.