Steve Martin’s Nebraska Political Ad—and DIY Tutorial

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Comedian Steve Martin has joined the political fray with an Oct. 4 ad backing Nebraska Senate candidate Bob Kerrey. In the spot, Martin tells viewers that Kerrey—who, according to Entertainment Weekly, officiated at the actor’s wedding in 2007—is a man who “cares about the people of Nebraska” and who “is sane.”

Or, rather, an anonymous arm holding computer-printed cards tells viewers about Kerrey’s good qualities. Martin, meanwhile, demonstrates in typical absurdist fashion how to make a wad of paper out of simple items you might find around the home. Kerrey is apparently angling hard for the all-important crafter vote bloc.

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Martin isn’t the only celebrity to show up in a campaign ad this election season. Based on sheer number of recognizable faces, the most notable star-studded ad is Michigan Supreme Court candidate Bridget Mary McCormack’s informative spot about the problems with using the straight party ticket box on a local ballot; the candidate, whose sister Mary appeared on The West Wing, got virtually the whole cast of the political drama to appear on her behalf.

But not every celebrity political ad aims for laughs: for example, this Chuck Norris PSA warns evangelical voters that “socialism or something much worse” is in the cards if they don’t keep President Obama from winning the presidential election. Of course, there’s no word yet on Norris’ DIY skills.

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