Today’s Movie Trailer: New Lincoln Teaser Debuts During Presidential Debate

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“Never trusted the President. Never trusted anyone.” That’s not a Mitt Romney zinger from last night’s first Presidential debate—it’s a line from the new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln biopic, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th President. The TV ad was shown to anyone watching the debate on ABC, CBS or CNN. Interestingly, the trailer starts with scenes from admirable fights throughout history (MLK! Gandhi! Suffragettes!) and doesn’t get to the Civil War until the trailer is a quarter of the way finished. But no worries, Lincoln fans: Day-Lewis’s physical resemblance to Lincoln is uncanny, the war scenes are striking and there are stovepipe hats everywhere you look.

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What do you think: how does the trailer stack up to the real debate? Apples and oranges…but one of them certainly moved at a faster clip.

Lincoln is due in theaters on Nov. 16.