Today’s Movie Trailer: Beautiful Creatures

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Fans of supernatural-YA-romance-books-turned-into-movies can exhale a little: Twilight will be ending its movie run in November, but the void may soon be filled. The trailer for the main contender for that title, Beautiful Creatures, is available now—and between a sullen brunette, a furrow-browed heartthrob, creepy magic and talking in a forest, the preview may as well be for Twilight with Southern Accents. Director Richard LaGravenese (which is, by the way, a great name for a director of creepy movies) told USA Today that the two movies are very different, but it’s hard not to make the comparison, especially since the book, part of the Caster Chronicles series by first-time novelists Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, was such a success.

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One big difference: here, it’s the girl, Lena, who’s stuck with magical powers and the boy, Ethan, who is drawn to her despite the danger. On her 16th birthday, it will be determined whether Lena is “light” or “dark,” magic-wise, and meanwhile the couple goes through the star-crossed paces. The movie stars Alice Englert (daughter of director Jane Campion, also making the festival rounds in Ginger and Rosa) and Alden Ehrenreich; the adult roles feature prestige players Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons and Viola Davis.

Beautiful Creatures is due out Feb. 13, 2013.