WATCH: Animated Version of Breaking Bad Opening Credits

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Has your life been lacking a certain drug-dealing high school chemistry teacher since the mid-season finale on September 2nd?

French graphic designer Martin Woutisseth hopes his interpretation of Breaking Bad‘s opening credits will entertain fans of the AMC drama until summer 2013, when the second half of the final season airs.

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“While watching episodes of Breaking Bad, I was imagining myself in the desert in New Mexico with the bad guys and cartels,” he told TIME via telephone.

Woutisseth’s animation style is influenced by Japanese anime, thanks to a year he spent in Osaka, Japan, working for a Japanese graphic design company. He bought the rock ‘n’ roll-style background music — “Mexico” by Gringo — from the Vimeo music store. In the description of the video on YouTube, he explains how he tried to match up the cast with the song lyrics. For instance, when the line “I lost my convictions” is sung, an image of the character Saul appears because he is “the attorney who is not every time honest.” See the Breaking Bad opening credits here to compare Woutisseth’s version to the original.

The graphic designer has created other animations inspired by pop culture: he released one depicting Tim Burton’s filmography in June and one depicting  Stanley Kubrick’s filmography (A Clockwork Orange director) last year.

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Woutisseth is not the only artist who has drawn creative inspiration from Breaking Bad. Increasingly, fans are turning to art, graphic design, and Adobe Photoshop to keep the show alive off-air.  Producer/editor Ben Stoddard created a Mad Men version of the Breaking Bad opening credits in March 2012. And from August 20 to 26, 2012, there was an exhibit of art inspired by Breaking Bad at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

Fan-produced mashups with other popular franchises keep the show going, too. The site Something Awful has recently posted photoshopped images of Breaking Bad and Star Wars (“Breaking Wars! Star Bad!”). A Breaking Bad/Batman mashup popped on the scene in July. Back in December 2011, a Breaking Bad/The Simpsons mashup went viral.

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