An Artist’s Tribute to Bill Murray

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Niege Borges

Bill Murray’s biggest fan may live in Brazil.

Brazilian artist Niege Borges has created a paper doll video tribute to Bill Murray (edited by Vinícius Perez) and has designed a poster honoring Bill Murray’s various costumes in films from The Rutles: All You Need is Cash in 1978 to Moonrise Kingdom in 2012.  The poster is on sale at Society6. TIME Entertainment’s favorite frame is Groundhog Day (1993), which features Murray with a miniature paper groundhog.  And you’ve got to love the What About Bob (1991) frame, in which Murray sports his “Don’t Hassle Me: I’m a Local” t-shirt.  Plus, the music in the Tootsie frame is a total ’80s throwback.

“Even if he does a little part in a movie he stands out,” Borges told TIME Entertainment in an email.

She adds, in jest: “I also did it because I wish Murray would see it and invite me to dinner.”