Avengers Deleted Scene Turns Philosophical

A clip that didn't make it into 'The Avengers' has Bruce Banner battling his inner green monster

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Columbia Pictures / Everett

Haven’t seen The Avengers since the film’s premiere in May and want more? Now there’s almost an entire minute of footage that sheds new light on Marvel’s superhero roundup, just part of the deleted scene package in the movie’s DVD and Blu-ray, expected out Sept. 25.

The 55-plus seconds released show Bruce Banner, picking himself off a rubble pile—after he crashes in the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier—and contemplating his true identity: Is it as Banner or The Hulk? We can credit an elderly security guard making the man/hero ponder life’s most poignant superhero question, one they must all grapple with at some point in their film careers.

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Actor Harry Dean Stanton questions Banner (Mark Ruffalo), asking which is his true identity, a “big guy that gets all little, or a little guy that sometimes blows up large?” Of course, Banner can’t answer the question, instead telling the security guard, “I know where I can do the most good, but it’s where I can do the most harm.” In keeping with the philosophical dialogue, the wise old man sums up the conundrum with: “Well, that’s no different than anybody else.”

Fans can look forward to dissecting more pieces of The Avengers that didn’t make the full film, looping in those extra morsels of footage into what they already know, when more deleted scenes get released in just over a month. Let the discussion begin.

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