Beyoncé to Direct, Produce Documentary…About Beyoncé

The singer has reportedly been shopping a doc to several Hollywood studios about her life and career. Move over, Katy Perry

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Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

If there were ever a person who could settle the debate and prove women really can “have it all,” it’s Beyoncé. She’s got a child, killer dance moves, acting chops (more or less), a supportive husband (who we hear has also been pretty successful) — oh, and an outrageously lucrative career as an international music icon.

And still, somehow, Bey’s also got enough free time to direct, produce and star in a feature-length documentary. About herself. According to the Los Angeles Times, the film will blend concert footage with confessional interviews to reveal details about both Beyoncé’s career and her personal life. So far, distributors have seen about 20 minutes of footage, but details remain a bit murky. Beyoncé and her representatives at the talent agency ICM are shopping around, looking for the right Hollywood studio to continue developing the project.

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Of course, the superstar isn’t a complete newcomer to the world of documentaries. Last June, she appeared in MTV’s Beyoncé: Year of 4, which outlined her return to the studio, after a year off, to record her album titled 4. But she merely starred in the short film — she didn’t direct or produce. The new documentary now in the works will likely include additional footage about the hit album, along with details of last year’s split with her manager, Mathew Knowles (her father). Also expected are segments about the birth of her now 7-month-old baby, Blue Ivy Carter, with her husband, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. She returned to the stage just a few months later with a series of concerts in Atlantic City, and rumors began circulating just weeks after Blue Ivy’s birth about new albums in the works.

So, in other words, Bey will face no scarcity of material for her directorial debut. The project seems to follow the recent trend of feature films starring pop icons — most recently, Katy Perry: Part of Me. Although Perry is credited as a co-producer of her film, Beyoncé will likely steer the direction of hers much more as the chief producer and director. And as a star who seems to find success in pretty much every one of her creative endeavors, this project just might make her the girl who runs the world.

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