Comedian Dane Cook ‘Jokes’ About Aurora Shooting

And, like everything Dane Cook does, it is so not funny

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Phil McCarten / Reuters

Dane Cook in Los Angeles.

The audience at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory (the same location of Daniel Tosh’s apparent rape bit) wasn’t so sure if laughing was the right response after comedian Dane Cook joked (is that what you still call it in this situation?) about the Aurora theater shooting on Thursday, just less than one week after the event.

Perhaps Cook wanted to be the comedian to tell the first Aurora joke—or at least the first to be caught on video doing so. An audience member recorded his attempt. Cook was apparently talking about the shooting and says: “Here’s my thought. Whoo. Here we go,” a bit of a tender-footed preface to warn people that a joke was coming on a subject most wouldn’t expect.

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He then explains that The Dark Knight Rises movie is “pretty much a piece of crap … yeah, spoiler alert” and that if the shooting hadn’t happened, that “somebody in that theater, about 25 minutes in, realizing that it was a piece of crap, probably was like, ‘Ugh, f—ing shoot me.’”

You can hear the dialogue below and catch a slight glimpse of it here.

The crowd initially mixes in loud groans with some applause—then some uncomfortable waiting. But the response turns favorable in the end, with some loud hollers plenty more laughs.

Now we sit back and see if Cook opened up the floodgates for Aurora-related comedy or if he will go down in flames like Gilbert Godfrey after 9/11.

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