Heath Ledger Joker 2.0 Action Figure Is the Perfect Toy for Movie Geeks

The detailed action figure has two different heads and tons of accessories — perfect for recreating Ledger's memorable performance in 'The Dark Knight'

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Courtesy of Slideshow Collectibles

Even though The Joker isn’t making a showing in the July 20 release of The Dark Knight Rises, you can still drop $274.99 on a new Hot Toys sixth scale Heath Ledger lookalike figure, the Joker 2.0, from The Dark Knight.

Hot Toys, boasting about the “overwhelming reception” of the original Joker toy, decided to spruce up the late Ledger by turning the Joker 2.0 into a one-foot-tall highly detailed version — including 35 “points of articulation” on the hand-painted sculpted toy — in plenty of time to soak in the expected success of the upcoming film. From the shape of the face to the elaborate makeup-style painting, this toy couldn’t look any more like Ledger. And you get two versions, one with a smiling face and one sans the smile. Each version comes with sculpted hair placement and the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (we had to include that just so we could put in the acronym PERS).

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But don’t expect the fun and games to stop with the crazy intricate detailing of the colorful face, as you can also plan on receiving a list of extras that is downright daunting when you purchase your toy from Slideshow Collectibles.

There are eight interchangeable gloved palms for holding a gun, Joker cards or a knife — and even others for posing or relaxing. If you want an ungloved palm, then you have relaxed palms, posing palms and palms holding Joker cards.

To accessorize your figurine, opt for a purple overcoat, grey jacket, green vest, patterned shirt and tie, dark blue pants with stripes, checker socks and brown shoes. Obviously the Joker’s clothes are no good without weaponry, so Hot Toys included a machine gun, shotgun, pistol, three knives, a pencil (no magic tricks, however) and handcuffs.

The entire system gets a bit of context with a table, lamp and chair, more Joker cards and U.S. money. The toy comes complete with a light-up stand, nameplate and movie logo. A double-sided backdrop has scenes from the film so you can act out your favorites.

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