Tenacious D Is Back, With a Little Help From Their Friends

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are returning with a new album and tour. But is there still room for a hard-rocking parody in 2012?

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Six years after a major box-office flop, can the D still bring the rock? Perhaps, but only with a slew of celebrities — and one serious montage.

So Tenacious D, the rock-parody duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, corralled Maria Menounos, Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Grohl and Josh Groban (yes, Josh Groban) for their latest music video, “To Be the Best.” The six-minute mini-movie takes a self-deprecating look at their poorly received movie, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, and the rise and fall of the musicians ever since.

The single comes from Rise of the Fenix, to be released on May 15; it’s the duo’s first album since the Pick of Destiny soundtrack in 2006. Black and Gass will take their “more talent than the Beatles, the Stones and Zeppelin combined” on a world tour starting May 23. Is it worth springing for tickets? Well, if Val Kilmer can take a bullet for the D, we ought to give them a second chance.

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