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Winter Is Returning: Game of Thrones Season 2 Hopes and Fears

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I’m still at South by Southwest, so posting is going to be pretty light through Wednesday, but I wanted to point you to a roundtable I did with some fellow Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire fans about the upcoming season 2 (premieres April 1). I should warn you up front: while the spoilers are fairly mild (i.e, they wouldn’t bother me, but I’m not you), the discussion is from the perspective of people who’ve read the second book. So if you want to go into the second season with no foreknowledge, by all means skip it; but I found it a pretty interesting conversation about what the series lost and gained in the first season, and what makes a good transition from book to screen in general. Enjoy it, and I’ll see you all later in the week.