Comments of the Week: Feb. 26-March 2

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We here at TIME Entertainment monitor the comments section daily — mostly to delete all the crazy spam that gets posted on our stories, but also to keep watch for overly aggressive or offensive posts from actual, non-bot human beings. And we are constantly impressed by how passionate our commenters are, even (especially?) when they are calling us out for being so completely wrong.

So, we’ve decided to institute a weekly post highlighting the most interesting comments of the week. Let us begin with:

Lackwit_Bingo, on our All-TIME 100 Movies list:

If you’re going to make a list like this, don’t call it the “Best Films of All Time.” Call it “The Greatest Films of All Time.” That way it’s more clear that you’re not talking about films are powerful, enjoyable, or even remotely interesting today. You’re talking about films that were landmarks in their time, albeit dull as rocks today (sorry Children of Paradise, and about half of the rest of this list).

Vrcplou on TV critic Jim Poniewozik’s 2012 Oscars recap:

A good host goes a long way but nothing can make up for those momentum killing montages and “filler” that bloat up the Oscars so much! I used to love watching but now it feels more like a spirit killing marathon that I’m not sure I’m going to continue much longer.

Texassa on our list of the best and worst dressed on the Oscar red carpet:

So there were no well or poorly dressed men the entire night? Fascinating.

KB_Corklesson on our Top 10 Movie Motorcycles list:

Memorable doesn’t necessarily imply a good memory does it? So, to hell with good taste and bring on the flying jet-boostered, rocket launcher-equipped “megacycle” from 1980’s action flick Magaforce. This was one of the cheesiest hyper-patriotic action movies ever made. An elite band paramilitary commandos with perfectly coiffed hair and dressed like glam-rockers travel the globe to vanquish evil with their arsenal of futuristic weapons and cringe-inducing dialogue.

Edmund F on Jim Poniewozik’s Andrew Breitbart piece:

Since when must we canonize everyone with some form of celebrity who dies, even if their life was dedicated to purely destructive causes that surely did nothing but make living in this world more difficult? Now, I am not saying this is not sad. It is. Particularly for Andrew’s wife and children. And my heart goes out to them. They are innocents in this whole mess. But that it no excuse to EXCUSE the sins of one’s past, particularly when they had such ill effect on others (such as in the cases of Shirley Sherrod or ACORN).