And the Worst Film of the Year Is Officially …

Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill." At least according to the Razzies, which just "honored" the film with a dozen nominations for their annual worst-of-the-year awards

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The Razzies (also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards) are in their 32nd year of celebrating the industry’s worst films. And Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill cleaned up in this year’s nominations, receiving 12 Razzie nods though it was eligible in only 10 categories. That’s right, the film was so heinous in the eyes of the Razzie voters that it was nominated multiple times per category. Talk about a dis-honor. Not even the vampiric action of Twilight could outshine Sandler’s gender-bending travesty.

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Though it’s not as if anyone expected Jack and Jill to be good. The cross-dressing comedy has been rated in the single digits on Rotten Tomatoes since its November release (it currently holds an abysmal 3% positive rating). One movie critic wrote in his review that it “gives fart jokes a bad name.” We even voted it the worst movie of 2011. But none of those landmarks could have prepared it for such a Razzies sweep. The awards even went outside their own standard boxes to dish out disgrace. Sandler notched a nod for both Worst Actor (as Jack) and Worst Actress (as Jill). David Spade was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for his drag-queen role in the film.

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The Razzies note that Jack and Jill is the fourth film to tally more nominations than there are categories. It joins such esteemed company as Lonely Lady, Showgirls and Battlefield Earth, all of which took home the Razzies’ Worst Picture Award. What a drag.

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