Today’s Movie Trailer: The Bourne Legacy

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Matt Damon is out and Jeremy Renner is in for the fourth entry in the Bourne series. Renner, who gave us a glimpse at his secret agent abilities with Deember’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, will star alongside Ed Norton, Rachel Weisz, Albert Finney and Joan Allen (who also appeared in the first three movies).

This first glimpse at the film is easily the best trailer we’ve seen this year. (Reminder: it’s February 8.) With shades of the Saul Bass title sequence from Psycho and an ominous score (somewhat reminiscent of Michael Giacchino’s work on Lost, especially with that descending string squall), it’s a slow-burning — then totally kickass — introduction to the new character…who appears to shoot down a jet with a sniper rifle. We’re in.

P.S. Inception horns.