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Not Allowed to Vote for Stephen Colbert? Oh Yes You Cain!

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As we’ve known for a while, Stephen Colbert‘s satirical run in the South Carolina GOP Presidential primary has one minor hitch: you can’t vote for him. That is, the filing deadline to get on the ballot has passed, and the state does not allow write-ins. The ballot is locked. But last night, Colbert announced on the Report that he’s found a way to turn that to his advantage, by urging his supporters to show their support for him by voting for Herman Cain, the GOP now-non-candidate who is still on the ballot in the Palmetto State. “If our message is going to be taken seriously,” he said, “we’re going to have to do more than raise money and raise awareness. We’re going to have to raise Cain.”

But there’s more! Out of sheer coincidence–because as we learned at the GOP debate last night, candidates have no control over the Super PACs–the Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC released an ad that also urges South Carolinians to vote for Cain. The guy in the ad may not look like Herman Cain, but he sure stares like him.